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Creating long-lasting and powerful change through advisory services, investment partnerships, coaching, and tech start-ups and scale-ups.

Make things better. 
Make better things.
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Our Family of Companies

We have companies and/or participations in four main global ventures:

Start-Up Ventures
Gateway to the UAE & Partnerships
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Innovations don't just happen, they're made. We're the consultancy for what happens next.
We are an international boutique management advisory company.
SorensenAdvisors was founded with a mission to become a genuine change agent for organisation’s tough challenges. The core focus is on delivering concrete client value, sustainable transformation, and commercial innovation.

We stay close to the client, guided by our commitment to deliver with impact, building long term client relationships.
Clients We Serve
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Our Values

Our company's principles drive everything we do.

Commitment to deliver the best results for our clients. Adherence to the highest quality, professionalism and ethical standards in everything we do.
Our approach is practical, with the focus on getting the job done, turning dialogue into decisions into actions.
Honesty & Open Communication
Based on the Dutch roots, we tell it like it is, in clear direct and straightforward language. The honest view based on research and insight. We listen well, and communicate in an open fashion to invite for genuine dialogue.
We aim to deliver more than just the KPI and do our work with purpose; build better teams, collectively raise the bar, build trust, respect and ignite the flow state.
How We Can Help
Customer Strategy & Marketing
Program and Project Management

Based on the MIT innovation strategy we can help accelerate growth by transforming a company’s innovation capabilities and establish its place in the innovation Ecosystem. Building the capacity internally and externally.

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Our approach to strategy is based on the notion that we live in a very transient world and that strategy formulation and execution should be based on a strong core and a dynamic outer layer that can continuously learn on how to deal with disruptions.

We help clients with their most complex strategic challenges and build tailored solutions to achieve sustained growth. 


We approach digital in a holistic matter, its not just a technological change; digital impacts every aspect of your organization from strategy to organizational design, from every customer interface and the data generation at each customer touch point. Your digital future starts here.

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Customer Strategy & Marketing

Existing and potential customers are growth drivers. We investigate and combine the data driven customer insights with practical experience and approach to enable sustainable growth of your customer base.

Program and Project Management

Within your organization getting programs or projects smoothly executed, external leaders and managers can help you navigate through the organizational clutter and politics to successfully deliver. We map the internal and external stakeholders and set out a clear approach to deliver and how to deal with potential showstoppers and prevent scope creep. We build the team with you.

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Sample Work

Our advisory has brought real results to companies all over the world.

A dynamic industry in need of an effective, long-term B2B strategy.

The telecommunications industry is very dynamic and under constant pressure; having to enhance network capacity, changing the business model due to new (inter)national regulations or simply fending of competition.

For large network service provider (NSP) we teamed up with a renowned international telco consulting firm, and were tasked to redefine the tactical and long-term B2B strategy as well as providing the implementation roadmap.

The result was a range of direct cost saving, double digit revenue growth and multiple cash flow efficiencies within the organization and towards external suppliers. During the engagement we established a good relationship with the board and the Business unit teams, gaining deeper insight into the organisation, managing to define further cost savings and improve internal processes. 

Robot arm
Advanced Manufacturing
The ambitious goal of developing and launching the first global GMI summit.

The initiative to start a global industrial and manufacturing summit originated from the Abu Dhabi Government and was lead by one of their sovereign investment organisations.

The goal was to launch the first GMI-Summit with high profile strategic industrial and manufacturing partners across the globe. We worked closely together with the local organization and lead the programme management office; liaised with multiple key stakeholders internally and externally -large multinationals - as well as high profile government officials and NGOs.

The result was a successful launch with the key theme “the 4th industrial revolution” as well as the launch of several high profile pilot projects on additive manufacturing with key global players.

Filling the UAE medical industry with excellent doctors and professionals.

The healthcare industry in the UAE is going trough a massive development and growth. The government has set their aim to create the UAE as the main medical tourism hub for the wider MENA region.

With little domestic medical educational history the country is heavily dependent on foreign supply of talented medical staff and professionals. Due to the Dutch roots we set up a platform for Dutch Doctors in the UAE in order to exchange information, leverage on each other experience. Also we negotiated several contracts between local hospitals and Dutch based recruiters specialized in selection the best international aspired medical professionals.

The result was a transparent, and healthy relationship between the different actors in this ecosystem as well as being an interface towards the Dutch Embassy and healthcare delegations from The Netherlands.

Private Equity
Advising a major private equity fund on investments in the manufacturing industry.

A large government sovereign wealth fund/private equity player wanted to investigate the investment opportunity within the additive manufacturing industry. Also defined as industrial application of 3D printing of polymers or metallics.

The sizeable (multi billion USD) investment was a new element to their current portfolio and the bilateral benefit aimed for was the technological support to other manufacturing capacities in their holding structure. We teamed up with a world-class engineering and certification firm to research the market potential, the valuation and the off spring benefits of the potential acquisition.

The result was a deep insight into the industry players and the investment benefits and risks, and several options were presented to the client as fundament for their board to make a decision.

Artificial Intelligence
Navigating market expansion in the fast-growing and fast-changing AI industry.

The application of AI is becoming more and more manifest in many industries and organizations. Understanding the what, where and how to, is the biggest challenge. Especially when budgets do not allow for full stack in house development and deployment. 

For three separate boutique AI start-up companies we helped to review their market expansion strategy and how to reach out to potential partner networks and clients. 

Individually the companies managed to refocus their efforts on specific target markets and revise their international expansion plans towards a more targeted approach. Simultaneously we managed to find two strategic partnership for the international business development cutting the cost for the internal organization and tapping into an established trusted network. 

How can SorensenAdvisors help your business grow?
About Bob Sørensen

Background on the founder of SorensenAdvisors


In the past 20 years working as an international business professional in various industries I have witnessed the need to support senior leadership in their endeavour to grow, transform and/or enhance the organizational performance. 


To cover the global spread the advisory business was founded.

Nowadays with all the big challenges ranging from digital transformation, innovation enablement and development, to fierce competition on a global scale me and my team are there to support you and your organization to tackle these challenges head-on.

​For each potential project we will align with your needs. We partner for large projects with trusted partners and specialists.


As founder and seasoned professional I know what it takes to strategize as well as implement. A plan without action, is nothing but an idea.

My experience, in short, to provide you with some background:

  • Former big four 4 consulting Director, and served on several boards as (vice) president

  • Lived and worked in The Netherlands, US, Canada, UK, France, Iran, Saudi Arabia and currently reside in the UAE.

  • Core expertise in organizational development and performance, and being very effective in delivering complex projects.

  • Strategic thinker and doer, organization & relationship builder, and manages to quickly establish trust in order to build the business and/or the teams.

  • Staying connected to the community as mentor, moderator and speaker on key events such as Arab Digital, HR Summit, and multiple sessions on Innovation and Start-ups.

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Providing advisory, growth opportunities, and investment to tech startups and scale-ups.
A line of ventures relating to various technology industries.
The new ventures line of business comprises all activities related to start-ups and scale-ups; advisory, investments, and/or active participation. The focus is on Age-Tech, Fin-Tech, and Impact/sustainability-related (tech) ventures.

My experience is with incubator(s) and accelerators. Having founded my own companies, in combination with being experienced as management consultant as well as commercial director I like to contribute to the growth and sustainable development of other organisations.
Organizations We've Partnered With
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Coaching that delivers value to leaders, teams, stakeholders, and the organization at large.
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Coaching in a nonconventional way: it’s not the script, it’s the play.
Life is hard, getting to where you want to be in your life, career, financials, health and/or relationships requires having some notion of where you want to at the minimum. Next is the persistence, focus, and a range of other factors to make the necessary decisions and actions to get you on your pathway. In this world filled with distractions and the endless buffet of social media, messaging and notifications it rather navigates us from than to our goals. 

My belief is that conventional coaching works for some but not for everyone. My approach is to work with high end professionals with a strong desire to (re)focus in order to perform and feel better in their private lives, relationships and/or careers.
Growing your network and creating opportunities in the places that matter.
Your Gateway To The UAE
OrangeHyve is your dedicated partner when your organization has an interest in the UAE.

We provide a host of services to get your company off the ground in the region, making sure it is staffed with reliable and qualified people, permanent and interim, or remotely managed. 

Bob Sørensen is a founding partner of OrangeHyve


Learn more about OrangeHyve and get in touch with one of our partners here:

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